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Rescue Plumbing Services would like to become your # 1 service provider offering quality plumbing services for residential and commercial customers in Chandler, Apache Junction, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Gold Canyon, Florence, Scottsdale and East Phoenix.  We are a full-service plumbing company specializing in drain & sewer; maintenance, repair & replacement. Proudly providing plumbing services throughout the entire Phoenix East Valley.




In a pinch and need a plumber?  For fast, reliable service give us a call! 


At Rescue Plumbing Services we are dedicated to serving our community well and providing excellent customer service, quality workmanship, and building sustainable plumbing systems.  



Available Services


Drain Cleaning & Repair

If your kitchen or bathroom drains are clogged, contact us to schedule your drain cleaning services today.  Don’t wait for the problem to get worse!


Water Service Line Replacement

Is there a water leak in your yard?  This is an indication of a possible bursted pipe on your water service line. Reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss options for repair. We’re here to help! 


General Plumbing Services

Leak detection, water heater replacement, shut-off valve replacement and more.  Please visit our Services page for more details. 


Camera Inspection

Do you need a high quality camera inspection to view the inside of your drain and sewer pipes? We have the latest technology to camera your drain lines.  Give us a call today! 


High Pressure Hydro Jetting

High pressure hydro jetting completely severs through the toughest accumulation or stoppages breaking down and washing away grease and tree roots inside your drain or sewer pipes. 


Sewer Repair & Replacement

Cast iron used for drains and Orange burg used for sewer lines may be at the end of their lifespan. 


Here’s what our Customers are saying about us! 

Absolutely deserving of their 5 star reviews. Had a different service out the same day that had no idea what they were doing. Enrique and Marcos arrived, at our request, later the same evening and figured out what was going on and resolved the situation. They made it clear what they would be doing each step of the way, asked relevant questions and found the leak in a way as minimally invasive a way as was possible. Not only were they courteous, professional and skilled, they were excellent conversationalists. I enjoy their presence more than people I had spent years alongside in the Marine Corps. These guys are THE upper one percent.
Andrew H.
I've used Rescue Plumbing since I bought my home over a year ago. In total, they have serviced my home at least 3x. The most recent service was for faucet installation in my two bathrooms. My initial contact was with Yolanda, who is always pleasant to talk to. I explained the service needed and we made arrangements for Enrique to come out and give me a quote. It's been a couple of weeks since the faucets were installed and so far, so good. Enrique is always pleasant and when I ask him plumbing questions, he answers them directly and in ways a non-plumber like me can understand. In addition to this most recent service, Rescue Plumbing has performed other plumbing work (garbage disposal, irrigation) and I've had no issues with the work. As a first time home-owner, I am glad God led me to Rescue Plumbing and the quality work they do.
Erica S.
Rescue Plumbing Services is such an amazing company! All the services I requested was completed in such a professional manner. I needed the shutoff valve replaced in the bathroom sink, the plumbing under the sink and the faucet replaced. I was trying to DIY it myself, but failed. They were here in no time and corrected and completed the work with no issues and in a timely manner. I was so pleased with their work I then requested a shower head replacement, kitchen water shutoff valves replacement, under kitchen sink plumbing, water filter install, garbage disposal install and dishwasher install. I was pleased with all the work completed! I love that when you call, Yolanda is always able to accommodate the date and time for the service. Enrique is very professional with his work. I definitely recommend their service to anyone who needs plumbing services! My sister needed plumbing services and I recommended them to her; she was also very pleased with their service. You will not be disappointed! Their customer service is exceptional!
Yanil A.

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